The Self-Care Lounge

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Enter a space where you are free to take care of yourself. 

Feel the stress melt away. 

The retreat is coming to you! 

You know that feeling when you walk into a quiet and tranquil yoga studio, a charming bed & breakfast, a serene and peaceful retreat space, or a really cozy coffee shop? 

You know how you just instantly start to relax and feel like you can breathe a little deeper and loosen the grip of stress?

You know how rejuvenated you feel after you leave? 

That is the FEELING The Self-Care Lounge delivers! 

When you open the carefully curated box of uplifting items, it is as if you are opening a gift to yourself to a sacred space where you can free yourself from stress and worry and do something nice for YOU. 

I remember when my children were babies (my oldest is now 22 yrs old), I went on a weekend retreat in a nearby town every winter. The retreat was housed in an old dairy barn with pipes that would freeze in the middle of the night if the nuns didn’t let water trickle from the bathroom faucets. It was rustic and chilly, but the home cooked meals and community of women were salve for the soul. The stress would slip away as soon as I walked in! 

My dairy barn retreat experience could only come yearly, but I soon learned how to bring that feeling into my life anytime I wanted! 

That loving self-care I gifted myself became a non-negotiable for me and now I want to share it with you! 

How does that sound? Are you up for being supported like I was in that old dairy barn by a caring community of women?

I hope this feels like a hearty bowl of soup under a soft blanket or a cup of tea with an old friend.

Take a deep breathe with me...explore what I'm offering you each month:

Your gift to yourself includes:

A few bath & body products from Moonlit Spa Creations:

AND SURPRISES each month... which could be: 

What makes this more than an ordinary subscription box?


Here's how this works: 

The first week of each month you get a box full of curated goodies delivered to your door. 

The third week of each month you get a masterclass designed to support, inspire and motivate you to take EXTRA loving care of yourself.

SIGN UP NOW and become Founding Member for $40.00 per month (includes shipping & handling).

You will get your first box the first week of September and your first masterclass the middle of September!!! 

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