The Self-Care Lounge

Take Yourself on a Journey to Self-Care and

Feel the Stress Melt Away!

You know that feeling when you walk into a quiet and tranquil yoga studio, a charming bed & breakfast, a serene and peaceful retreat space, or a really cozy coffee shop? 

You know how you just instantly start to relax and feel like you can breathe a little deeper and loosen the grip of stress?

You know how rejuvenated you feel after you leave? 

That is the FEELING The Self-Care Lounge delivers! 

When you open the carefully curated box of uplifting items, it is as if you are opening a gift to yourself to a sacred space where you can free yourself from stress and worry and do something nice for YOU. 


How does that sound? 

I hope this feels like a hearty bowl of soup under a soft blanket or a cup of tea with an old friend.

Take a deep breathe with me...explore what I'm offering you each month:

Your gift to yourself includes:

A few bath & body products from Moonlit Spa Creations:

AND SURPRISES each month... which could be: 

What makes this more than an ordinary subscription box?


Here's how this works: 

The first week of each month you get a box full of curated goodies delivered to your door. 

The third week of each month you get a recording of the masterclass designed to support, inspire and motivate you to take EXTRA loving care of yourself.

SIGN UP NOW and become Founding Member for $40.00 per month (includes shipping & handling).

Sign up below by clicking on the PayWhirl button and start your self-care journey! 


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