About Me


Hi there! My name is Jeanne and I started Moonlit Spa Creations in January 2017, turning my creative outlet into a business! I had a similar business around 10 years prior, but closed up shop and joined the corporate world as a Social Media Manager. In June of 2016, my oldest sister Pat passed away. This was a major turning point in my life as I began to re-examine what was important in my life, what brought me joy and how could I share that with others. So I decided to go back to my passion of making all natural bath and body products!

During this time, I also ventured into affiliate marketing, which I thought I would never do! But serendipity showed up and I stumbled across this amazing company called PrimeMyBody, which is a health and wellness company. They offer the world’s best hemp oil, protein superfood, moisturizer and coming soon, a detox kit and pet treats! The hemp oil has enhanced my health both physically and emotionally as it is beneficial for over 250 different ailments. (Google the benefits of hemp oil). You can also check out my blog post “Why Are So Many Women Turning To Hemp Oil”

My focus is helping busy women, especially mothers, take some time for self-care. Whether it’s a whole day or 10 minutes, we can all find small pockets of time to take a moment to breathe, maybe even take a dose of hemp oil to help bring you back to calm. My handcrafted bath and body products are a gentle reminder to make your self-care a priority. This will allow you to fully show up for yourself and those around you that you love and care for. Like the airline attendant tells you on a flight, put your oxygen mask on first then help those around you.

So take a stroll through my site and pick something you like! And while you’re at it, please join our Self-Care Sundays group on Facebook (women only). Where we discuss different ways to support each other on our journey back to our authentic selves!