About Me



Hello lovely ladies! My name is Jeanne, and I was born and raised in Detroit and currently live out in the country about 20 minutes north with my husband Bill, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat named T.K.

As the owner and creator of all the handcrafted products at Moonlit Spa Creations, I believe Self-Care is a necessity, not a luxury.

When my children were babies (my oldest is now 22 yrs old), I went on a weekend retreat in a nearby town every winter. The retreat was housed in an old dairy barn with pipes that would freeze in the middle of the night if the nuns didn’t let water trickle from the bathroom faucets. It was rustic and chilly, but the homecooked meals and community of women were salve for the soul. The stress would slip away as soon as I walked in!

I often felt guilty asking my husband if I could go on this retreat. I didn’t really need to ask permission, but I kind of did. Just getting away for the weekend and only thinking about my own needs was blissful. Nevertheless, the guilt always managed to seep in.

Many women put everyone else’s needs first and feel guilty when they finally take time for themselves. My mission is to change that attitude and to help women realize their worth. Just being a woman who likes to take care of herself is enough. No one should question it. Simple as that!

It’s not selfish. It’s a necessity.

While making products, I listen to my favorite podcasts and I always have a trove of Audible books to listen to.When I’m working on marketing and copy-writing (like I am now), I enjoy listening to Spanish guitar music. The quick pace gives me a sense of excitement and my imagination is at its peak!

I make many of my products during the full moon when I’m more energized and fueled with inspiration. Researching, learning, choosing the right ingredients and combining different scents is all a part of the process. I love sharing the final creations with everyone!

My wish for every woman is that when you try my products, you take the time to feel the richness of the ingredients, to breathe in the luxurious scents and to experience the sense of calm like I did walking into that old dairy barn.