Aura Spray - Energy Clearing

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This aura spray is best to use when you need to remove unwanted feelings of negativity or sluggishness and just plain…blah!

The Energy Clearing blend is infused with the essential oils of clove (confidence & self-assuredness), rosemary (stress reliever) and orange (uplifting, invigorating & refreshing) adding to this the crystals of selenite (promotes peace & calm, space cleanser), rose quartz (promotes self-love) and clear quartz (enhances the properties of the other crystals).

How to Use: Close your eyes and with the spray bottle facing upward, spray 3-5 times and let the mist envelope over your body. Relax and enjoy the aroma as you feel yourself release the negative energy stored in oyr body. You can also spray in rooms where you feel negative energy left over from an argument or just an uncomfortable feeling in the room.