Aura Spray - Protection

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This aura spray is best to use when you want to protect yourself from negative energy, feel at peace within yourself and create comfort in your surroundings.

The Protection blend is infused with the essential oils of lavender (relaxation), eucalyptus (restores balance) and clove (confidence and self-assuredness) adding to this the crystals of garnet (protection) amazonite (soothing), & amethyst (protection, brings harmony).

How to Use: Close your eyes and with the spray bottle facing upward, spray 3-5 times and let the mist envelope over your body. Relax and enjoy the aroma as you feel yourself enveloped in a protective cocoon. You can also spray in rooms where you would like to add an extra layer of protection, possibly before guests come over or spray in your bedroom before you go to sleep to help you have a restful sleep.