Protection Spell Candle

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Color: White, protection, new beginnings, purity, truth, peace, harmony, calming the mind, calling on lunar or Goddess energy.

Herbs: Red pepper dispels negative energy; Fennel dispels anyone with ill intentions. Mugwart used for psychic & divinatory purposes, it can be great at warding off psychic attacks. Rosemay attracts positivity & peace.

Essential Oils: Lavender removes negative & anxious feelings. Eucalyptus clears room of negative energy. Clove promotes healing & increases courage. Ylang Ylang is soothing, calms anger & negative emotional states.

Crystals: Garnet is uplifting, wipes away any darkness & protects you from going too far with emotional turmoil. Amazonite ends self-destructive thoughts, filters out stress & anxiety so you can let go of old wounds. Amethyst clears your mind and gets rid of negative thinking. Helps you to focus on the positive.

Instructions on how to proceed with this spell are included with your order.