Love Spell Candle

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Color: Pink for unconditional love, romance, affection, warmth, joy, friendship, self-love, happiness, forgiveness, reconciliation, intimacy.

Herbs: Rose, sweet, romantic, love. Basil, love luck & prosperity. Lavender, love, happiness, relaxation, bringing love that is easy going without all the drama.

Essential Oils: Vanilla pleasure & sense of fulfillment. Lavender helps you relax & enjoy life. Ylang Ylang, evokes feelings of lightness. Calms the heart, relaxes nervous system.

Crystals: Amethyst give you a sense of self-worth, self-love & inner peace. Garnet keeps lines of communication open. Give you strength to say how you feel & what you’re thinking. Rose Quartz heals old wounds, builds feelings of compassion, trust & tolerance. Fills you with unconditional love.

Instructions on how to proceed with this spell are included with your order.